Using high volume production scanners, we process your documents and provide you with the information needed to link, track and review your documents electronically.  Documents can be scanned to pdf, jpg and tif format.


Your electronic files (e-mails, spreadsheets, word processing files) can easily be imported in their native format into industry standard litigation software and converted to tif jpg or pdf format without having to be printed or scanned.  The electronic discovery process will extract the metadata (to, from, date, attachments, etc.) associated with these files and using specified parameters we can remove duplicates at the same time.


We create databases that will best meet all the needs of your case.  Trained staff will extract standard information from your documents including document type, date, author, recipients, cc, etc. As your litigation continues we can assist you with tagging your documents to issues, inserting flags using key word searches or identifying specific document sets for review.

Litigation Support 

We provide support for creating work product, analyzing document sets, setting up your database or helping you use your software correctly.  We can also assist with transcript conversions, creating subsets of documents for use outside of standard litigation software and pdf conversion.  For large document cases that you wish to process in-house we can assist you in providing Project Management and coding staff.

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